Airline Trolley: Design Furniture straight from Heaven

They are slim, smart and stylish – give you itchy feet and make you think of the sound of turbines, the travel bug and airy heights. We are talking about the highly maneuverable and functional airline trolleys, the mini bars on wheels on airplanes. Guided by friendly stewardesses, they were invented to help pass the time on long-distance flights. Now, Peter Jorge Fischer has given them a new look. He has taken the robust and versatile airline trolleys from the sky and, with a large portion of entrepreneurial down-to-earthness and a knack for design, is elegantly styling them for apartments and offices.

Skypak is the name of the young design brand from Cologne that emerged with a smart idea that immediately became the subject of discussion. The team refines the familiar airplane trolleys by hand, turning them into extraordinary pieces of design furniture and thus creating a new cult. “Our goal is to combine design and functionality. Our close collaboration with the designers generates a creative space for a constant stream of new ideas”, says Peter Jorge Fischer.

When sourcing the trolleys, the preference is given to the leading manufacturers, who proved to be one of the best on the market according to their endurance qualities. Usually Skypak re-designs essentially new trolleys, but there are also variants for those who want to have a piece of furniture which flew from New York to Sydney, and which radiates the spirit of voyage.
All Skypak trolleys are certified for the executive airline use. The materials vary: from aluminum covered with a special high quality foil, to reclaimed barrique wood, pure gold, mosaic, and Swarovski Elements.

In additon to the classic airplane trolleys, Skypak now has added new designs to its collection of mobile living furniture in 2014: Upcycled La Barrique trolleys, La Barrique Wine Cooler, and Vintage French Riddling Racks, used in champagne production in France.